Booking Fees

Set your own booking fees and share the fee with us, 50/50. Alternatively, you can choose not to have a booking fee, and pass the savings on to your customers

Free to host

Itʼs completely free to host your event on Stubba, there are no hidden fees, anywhere!

Earn Additional Revenue

Split the ticket fees with us 50/50 and earn additional revenue for each ticket sold

Remove Ticket Fees

You can chose not to have ticket fees for your event, and pass the savings on to your customers!

Additional Revenue Calculator

See how much extra you can earn with Stubba

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Earn upto 14.3% more with Stubba

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Create an Event

Sign up for free and take advantage of our wonderfully simple event management will allow you to add pricing, ticket types, event details and a custom Stubba URL for your event, in just a few simple steps.

  • Real-time Reporting
  • Free & Easy Setup
  • Add Multiple Ticket Types
  • Setup Multiple Events
  • Custom Event URL’s

Start Selling Tickets

Track your ticket sales and use our analytics to gain a better understanding of your customers. Receive live updates of sales via your 'Stubba Dashboard’ and instantly withdraw your earnings from your Stripe Account.

  • Easily Issue Refunds
  • Single Tap Payments
  • Add Your Own Booking Fees
  • Instantly Withdraw Earnings
  • Multiple Currency Support

Customer Check-in Apps

Allow customers to discover your events out our beautiful Stubba discovery app (coming soon) and check them in with our free check-in app.

Custom Web Pages

Customers can purchase tickets from the event holders’ custom Stubba webpage URLs. Tickets purchased through the website will be emailed directly to the user whilst also automatically appearing in the ‘tickets’ section of their app.

Easily accept credit/debit card payments for your events, and withdraw your payments instantly, as soon as your event has been finished!

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